Designer kitchen with integrated handles

Tekna, the designer kitchen, combines linear shapes with practicality, with integrated handles by Arredo3.
This is achieved thanks to its doors, where skilful technology recesses the panel and surmounts it with a metal strip, offering a comfortable grip and opening.  And with the practicalselection of materials, such as 100% recyclable PET and laminates that enhance the warm appeal of wood and stone finishes: they are more convenient to use andeasy to clean. For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship in general and in details.
Choose how to design your Tekna kitchen by discovering other details in typical compositions.

Tekna, in greek the art of working with metals that over time became “know-how”.

A kitchen that stands out for integrate handle door. In this composition it is basically used Resina polvere matt Pet on base units and tall units: for countertop and back panel pietra grey Iris ceramic.

Matt lavagna polymeric on wall units creates a separation, it realigns  the colours of noce bruno laminate on the boiserie and the overhang top.

Top Iris pietra grey
Matt black polymeric for base units and tall units / Rovere biondo laminate on wall units

Elegant and functional with opening to the living.

A composition perfectly surrounded in living spirit.
it wears the unfailing black style, here a matt black polymeric for base units and tall units, and it receives colour from rovere biondo laminate of snack countertop and main wall units.

It gains refinement from four glass wall units with internal Led lighting, from the underneath slatted boiserie in grigio cenere matt lacquer and from Infinity Milan stone top.

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