Elegant and functional designer kitchen

With the Round designer kitchen by Arredo3, you can design expressive and customised spaces, much appreciated by those who are choosing their first kitchen. The basic elements are doors with rounded upper edges and awide range of finishes specifically for selected materials. Versatile laminates, 100% recyclable PET and resistant polymers. The various configurations are functional and elegant, with a grip-profile system or handlesFor those who prefer rounded corners and practicality. Get inspiration from the configurations below.


For those who prefer beveled angles and praticality

A young collection for expressive and personal spaces,
always functional and elegant.
It gives a nod to who wants to take life with lightness.
Electric appliances built-in tall units and over tall-units in Pet Selenio matt.

Elements in rovere grano poro registro laminate, in wall units, base units and snack countertop, give a sense of  warmth keeping its praticality.

Countertop and side panel of the island have an Infinity terrazzo grey finish
Bases and columns in laminate seta bianco / Tall units in Pet lavagna matt / Roccia poro registro laminate wall units

An articulated composition with well differentiated working areas.

Tall units guides the entrance from the living to the kitchen, marking the passage with a material change, from Pet lavagna matt to laminate seta bianco on base units, where there is the cooking area with roccia poro registro laminate wall units.

Washing area with Integra quartz top white M1 is connected with the island with a snack countertop in bromo grigio Fenix.

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