Contemporary and modern kitchen

With its frame doors with a narrow frame , Meg is a  contemporary and modern kitchen, with the special feature of always being elegant.
The minimalist relief detail of the frame, in PET laminate or lacquer, is ideal for many interpretations: dynamic and contemporary when combined with titanium-finish handles, more classic and reassuring when framed by an above-wall unit moulding. For those who want a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated kitchen. Find out more information about Meg below.

Meg expresses a new trend in taste.

An innovative concept in contemporary style, reinterpreted starting with meticulous details. Brass or titanium details and painstaking research harmoniously merge for striking appeal, creating contexts with a bold character.

The distinctive feature of the door has been designed with the minimalist relief of the frame, a refined intentional detail to allow the utmost freedom of expression for various styles.

Composition with a touch of elegant sobriety

Blond oak, mist lacquer and black Fenix create a highly modern look, highlighted by a rational geometrical design interrupted only by the varied height effect of the peninsula and snack top.

Doors with mist lacquer relief frame are combined with burnished aluminium grip profiles and skirting boards.
The countertop harmoniously integrates with the adjoining table.2

Matt mist lacquer, blond oak laminate, black tinted glass, black Fenix

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