Glass 2.0

Modern kitchen with glass finishings

Glass 2.0 is the designer kitchen by Arredo3 with glossy, matte or HPL finishes. It features aluminium technical doors with glass fronts and a grip-profile opening. Choose from the various finishes and create your own customised interpretation: playful contrasts, minimalism or great balance? A totally refined style, robustness and durability are guaranteed. For those who want refinement, elegance and efficiency.
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Glass refinement meets a sophisticated and elegant design

A unique and airy environment, thought as heart of the house,
it has to perform different tasks optimally.
It requires rifined materials and colours, practical to clean, perfect as
base to transform with a few taps.

Base and tall units have got external panels of Glass 2.0 door in bianco puro matt glass,
boiserie and snack top are in noce Imperial laminate, Hpl top 860 black kandia.

Refinement of tactile contrasts.

Designed to be the focal point of the house it reveals at first sight a strong personality.
Countertops stand out for the vintage finishing steel and for snack bar in rovere safari veneered materic.

Surfaces of the doors are flat and uniform, in caffè matt glass.
Strong and durable doors since they are composed by an aluminium frame that performs its technical function without showing itself, being covered by the frontal panel.

Base and wall units in caffè matt glass / Snack bar in rovere safari veneered materic
Columns in caffè matt glass
Boiserie Pet maximatt lavagna

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