Modern kitchen in a contemporary style

Frame by Arredo3 is a modern kitchen in a contemporary classic style. It becomes universal, as it successfully combines the past, represented byframe doors with the present in a “timeless” period. Finishes make the difference in the updating process: they bring together neutral colours chosen for practical materials, such as PET and Alkorcell, and a great variety of matte lacquer colours, some very bold.
For those who want to strike a balance between innovation and tradition. Take a look below at Frame kitchen solutions!

A harmonious balance of classic and modern

Frame is the outcome of a successful combination of essential lines and traditional style details. With frame doors, it offers a complete mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The main feature of the kitchen, it comes with exclusively delicate textured finishes in neutral shades that become unique when cleverly coordinated with coloured lacquers.

The composition to the side is a contemporary expression of the kitchen environment, with base units and tall units in white maxximatt, a grey portland laminate countertop, black lacquered wall units and an ochre lacquered open module.

Alkorcell Lione ash base units / PET maxximat and matt PET tall units

Shattering compositional traditions with a new design concept.

New compositional rules bring together full and empty spaces and different thicknesses, as in the countertops, highlighting different functions. Lione ash base units and tall units are embellished with a graphit brown marble countertop, whereas carrob lacquered wall units are arranged in a compact composition matching the colours of burnished skirting boards and grip profiles

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