Functional and modern designer kitchen

With Cloe, Arredo3 reinterprets the modern kitchen and makes it accessible and functional, with many choice options to express various interpretations of design. The grip-profile opening system and handles, even vintage handles, all co-exist with lacquered doors and laminate doors, available in a lot of finishes. Solutions also exist for functional designer kitchens with limited spaces.
For those who want a young, compact and dynamic kitchen. See some configurations for Cloe below.

Cloe gets a new look!

Re-invented with new finishes and new compositions, Cloe stands out for its versatility and unexpected combination of classic and modern elements.

Vintage handles or ultra-modern grip profile handles find their place on base units and wall units.
The presence of metal and Air open modules in minimalist style enhance its contemporary and bold character.

In this composition, elegant white UV glossy lacquered base units and wall units blend with Atlanta register pore oak laminate, adding character to tall units, shelves and panels.

Cloe is the kitchen that fits in small environments, enclosing functions and design in a limited space.

The titanium aluminium handle adds distinct appeal to base units and tall units, expressing a spartan and slightly retro mood, further enhanced by the Factory bookcase with a titanium aluminium frame and Colorado register pore laminate shelves.

The contrast between the Colorado wood-effect frame of the base units and the matt UV orion grey lacquer of the wall units and tall units creates a warm/cold contrast, giving the kitchen distinct appeal.

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