Modern kitchen with a contemporary design

Functionality, ergonomics and design are the main features of Asia, a modern kitchen by Arredo3 with a contemporary design. With smooth doors or frame doors, it embraces the rough vintage style of wood, also veined with knots, in various combinations. These include the industrial design style of steel or the vibrant touch of colourful lacquers open pore. The resulting effect is extremely up-to-date and serene, thanks to the warm appeal of wood finishes. For those who appreciate both industrial design and wood. Find inspiration in the Asia configurations below.

Contemporary appeal also involves recovery.

This composition is an example, with a wall of tall units, and Rubik shelves and back panel for open compartments.

They are made of ebony oak and natural oak travi veneer, recovered from the structural beams of old houses. With their knots, slits and changes in colour, they reveal intensely lived lives.

Such unique pieces are accompanied by the technical materials of the island: a vintage st. steel countertop and a striking hob area thanks to the single unit in piasentina 859 HPL.


Contemporary style and instant functions.

Everything is at your fingertips and has a purpose, for example, the snack top. Positioned next to the functional area, it offers easy access to the Factory bookcase shelves. It is wide, practical and at the same height as the table, resting on the Frida burnished metal support.

And then there is its aesthetic appeal, with contrasting colours and an interplay of shapes. Black open pore lacquered base units contrast with white open pore lacquered tall units, whereas the Fenix countertop contrasts with the light provided by natural oak travi veneer.


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